Aperam is an international producer of stainless steel with an annual capacity of over 2.5 million tons in Europe alone. The company is unique in its ability to produce stainless steel using cost-saving biomass and charcoal as part of its processes. These days, environmental issues are playing an increasingly critical role in manufacturing companies’ production methods. This had not escaped Aperam’s attention. Its participation in a project to construct a 72 m high chimney contributed significantly towards increasing its awareness for environmental issues in the way it conducted its business. The partnership and trust that has been established over several years meant that Frijns Steel Construction was ultimately awarded the project – a serious challenge, but exactly what we were seeking!


Deliverables included the construction, preservation and assembly of a 72 m high chimney weighing 80 tons and with an outside diameter of 4432 mm. The chimney consists of six sections measuring between 10 and 15 m in length each with interconnecting flanges. The lower 12.5-m base section is constructed from 12-mm and 16-mm circular-rolled sheet steel. The remaining sections are constructed from circular-rolled stainless steel sheet measuring between 6 and 10 mm in thickness. The chimney is also fitted with a cage ladder to a metering platform at a height of 42 m. The top of the chimney at a height of 72 m is also accessible by means of a cage ladder. Our own damping system was also fitted at the outlet to absorb vibrations. The chimney was completely blasted and coated using a two-layer wet paint system and polyurethane topcoat.