In 2010, Frijns Steel Construction completed a particularly complex project at DSM in Geleen. It involved the complete relocation of a nitric acid plant from DSM IJmuiden to DSM Geleen. At this plant, a volatile gas (ammonia) is converted into nitric acid. This is used as an ingredient for the production of fertilizers. The project was particularly complex because the steel structure had to be identical to that of the old plant in IJmuiden. This was quite a challenge for our Engineering department. The entire production plant was dismantled and rebuilt in Geleen by Stork Technical Services.

  • The steel structure consisted of approximately 300 tons of steel including grilles, railings, platforms and piping supports.
  • Stair towers with cage ladders also formed part of the project’s deliverables.
  • The steel structure was fully anti-corrosion treated in compliance with DSM standards.
  • The supply and installation of roof and wall cladding for the entire factory also formed part of the project’s deliverables, as did standard louvres and various windows and doors.