In 2007, a complex building was constructed at DSM Geleen for the production of Stanyl¬Æ. This new plant doubled DSM’s production capacity of Stanyl¬Æ ‚Äì one of the most versatile, high-grade thermoplastics available in the world. Stanyl¬Æ is a unique, highly crystalline material that exhibits exceptional heat resistance and also has exceptionally high rigidity, strength and chemical resistance, as well as being easy to work.

  • Manufacture, DSM anti-corrosion treatment and assembly of 1,000 tons of steelwork.
  • Supply and installation of aluminium facades with polymer window frames.
  • Upper-storey floors fitted with galvanized gratings including walkways and stairways.
  • Supply and installation of 5,000 m¬≤ [53,800 sq ft] of insulated, fire-resistant wall cladding and 1000 m¬≤ [10,750 sq ft] of fire-resistant roofing.