ENCI is producer and supplier of Dutch cement. This cement makes his way to civil infrastructure, construction and housing. ENCI is part of the global Heidelberg Cement Group. Over the years Frijns Industrial Group has realized several large projects such as construction, renovation, maintenance and renewal of plant and equipment in ENCI for optimizing the production process of cement.


Several projects ENCI Netherlands:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of 400 tons of structural steel, stairs and handrails, erected¬†by using a 1500 tons mobile crane.
  • Turnkey clinker storage canopy with a diameter of 80 meters. Including foundation and roofcladding.
  • Various pipe bridges, conveyor bridges and transport systems for translocation of cement and¬†auxiliary materials.
  • Steel construction with roof and wall cladding andinstallation of all equipment for Biomill building.