In the past six months Frijns Industrial Group and Spie have cooperated to produce 7 modules commissioned by Alstom Power.
These modules have been assembled at the Beatrixhaven in Maastricht, where Frijns rented a construction facility to be able to realize this large project.

The biggest module weights 160 tons with dimensions of 8m x 8m x 30m. These modules were, because of their measurements and weight, transported to Köln by ship, through the Maas and the Rhine.

In Köln, Alstom has the job to extend the existing power plant. The modules were made in S355J2 steel and contains the Alloy Steel, Carbon steel, Stainless steel and GRP pipes including tracing and insulation, steel gratings, handrails and specific parts for the extension of the energy-plant in Köln. Because of the pre-assembling of all critical parts, the modules improve the project lead time on site.